Our Mission

We want you to "know thy neighborhood". We believe that "information wants to be free" and we think that g8td is a good outlet for local information. We also believe in Freedom. If you don't want comments about your property to be free, we allow you to choose to restrict access to that information.

We are building an anonymous community

An anonymous community?
Yes! We think people are more apt to give us "the real story" about a neighborhood or a house if their identity is cloaked. Next to each comment you will see a user reputation score (little white bars next to 'posted by Anon').

Everyone starts with one bar, but as your reputation on g8td grows, so do your bars. That way people can tell how much stock they should put in any Anon comment. Also, we allow users to vote "true" if they can verify the comment. The more true votes, presumably the more accurate any comment may be. So, even though we are all anonymous, your reputation does follow you.

Community Guidelines

We are not too fond of comments about people under the age of 18. In fact, we don't allow them at all. We also don't like gratuitous comments about people's race, sexual orientation, sexual activities, or any disability that they may have. We are not fond of defamatory (untrue) comments about people. information is information, but the truth is the best kind of information. Further, we don't want to see any person (or their property) harmed because of comments on this site. Our goal is to keep the site appropriate for all ages. We expect the g8td community to flag inappropriate comments and give us reasons that they should be removed.

We also do not allow users to post commercial interests. We do not aspire to be a home selling site.

About g8td?

G8td is a wholly-owned property of ROMANTRADE, LLC.

ROMANTRADE, LLC. is located in Tarzana, CA. Our principals are avid users of g8td and hope that you enjoy this free tool for years to come.


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