How It Works

What is g8td? ("gated")

G8td is a neighborhood information map.

G8td lets you discover, follow, and vote about neighborhood information all over the world. Best of all, you can browse neighborhood information submitted by other people. Browsing information is a fun way to discover about neighborhoods that you live in, or may want to live.

What Can You Do with g8td?

Find out what is going on in your neighborhood! How can you keep up with the Jones' if you don't know what they are up to?

Earn Points for informationing! Every time that you submit a comment, vote something true, or reply to a comment, you will earn points. You can use those points to build your reputation.

G8 an address! Don't want people being able to publicly view comments about a property? Then g8 it! This will limit access to those comments.

Peek over a g8! Thinking seriously about buying a property, and you see that someone has g8td that address? You can pay to peek over the gate. This does not make the information available to the public, just for your viewing.

Share comments via Facebook, Twitter and Google+! See something funny that you want in your feed. Just click a button and it is shared with your current social network followers.

Our Mission

We want you to "know thy neighborhood". We believe that "information wants to be free" and we think that g8td is a good outlet for local information. We also believe in Freedom. If you don't want comments about your property to be free, we allow you to choose to restrict access to that information.

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